Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God luv 'em

My husband likes to a have a beer at the end of the working day...and I will admit I do like the odd alcoholic beverage myself. We don't by any means drink to excess, but just a couple at the end of the day helps to make the nightly routine of bathing, feeding, and the rest just that little bit more 'enjoyable'. You do know what I mean...

But I'm starting to think that after picking my little girl up from daycare today maybe we should become closest drinkers (or another option would be to not drink at all I suppose...). Her Carer informed me that instead of making the other kids cups of tea today she was pouring them cups of beer! On a positive however, at least she wasn't serving them up Sex on the Beach cocktails!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Wild thang!

I thought this post would be appropriate seeing as it is Valentine's Day...

Rumpy Bumpy, Hanky Panky, a bit of Boom Boom, whatever you want to call it. I have something to say about it and I'm just going to put it out there in Blogging Land...My husband and I have 'devised' a timetable as to when we are going to do the wild thing. U-huh, you heard right...and I know you are thinking it could be a good idea. Well it is!

So let me take you girlfriend and I were talking a few years back about the confusion of going to bed each night never knowing if your husband was going to 'put-the-word-on-you', or if you could just roll over and close your eyes, confidently knowing that you were 'off the hook' (so to speak!) for the night. I know this may sound prudish, but some days you just can't deal with it!

My girlfriend and I came to the conclusion (just jokingly) that if we could devise a plan with our husbands about when were going to do 'it', it would take the guess work out of each night! Hubby was pretty happy with my idea too - he knew he was right for the week (ha!). 

I must admit, our timetable has been somewhat revised over the years, but as crazy as it sounds, has provided for a rock solid more ways than one!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I point with my eyes

I am real 'eye pointer-er'. You know, when your hands are busy, which mine are all the time, I just point to things with my eyes along with a little nod of the head. It drives my husband and kids crazy. Well I'm busy!

They will be looking for something and I will be staring at it saying, "It's over there." They get so frustrated and so do I because why can't they just learn to go with it????


Saturday, February 5, 2011

I hate these words

I hate these words/sayings. 
I will cringe when people write or say them. 
I have to remind myself not to get sucked in the writing them myself sometimes because they are so over used. Somebody please stop me!

You won't get me saying:

stay tuned...
loads of things...
alls you have to do...
i gave more than 100%...

idn't it, dudn't it, wodn't it...


chimley, punkin, fermal, asterical, de-fried...

Oh, and the words their, there and they're are not interchangeable. One cannot be used for the other. Also you cannot mix up your and you're. They aren't the same. They don't mean the same thing. If you're not sure which one to use GOOGLE it!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I eat in secret

I am not a very good sharer. Ask my sister. She has lots of memories of us when we were little where I wouldn't share things. I would make her be the secretary and I would be the boss. I would make her be the student and I would be the teacher. You get the picture. I love her dearly and she knows this hahaha!

BUT, I don't like to share certain things. These days it's food.

I stash secret 'treats' like lollies and chocolate and it would be nothing for me to disappear into the pantry or laundry (or even the bedroom) to have a quick munch. Do I have a mental problem? Maybe I have an underlining psychological issue whereby I console myself with food? No! I just am not a good sharer and I LOVE my treats!

Please tell me I am not alone here...


Monday, January 31, 2011

I pay my kids to watch tv

Oooooo bad mother. Yep I am horrible sometimes. I am that horrible that I tell my kids I will give them money if they sit down and watch tv for 2 hrs. If they move, no money.

My kids drive me batty some days. I mean, whose don't? If you are reading this and think that your children are angels and aren't annoying sometimes, then you're reading the wrong blog. Back you go now while you can....

My kids have some serious energy and they would rather wrestle and ride bikes than watch tv. Maybe their diet of cupcakes, fruit loops and juice has something to do with it.....

Anyway, back to the story... Their energy never waivers. Like NEVER! They go and go and go like they have been filled with energizer batteries. The chaos here sometimes is abnormal. My favourite line is "the neighbours will call the police" (it's only a matter of time before they do!).

This Mumma here sometimes needs the time to blog, talk on the phone or generally surround myself in silence - the cocoon of silence. So I turn to the old trick...."I'll pay you to watch tv!"

It works you know. Hmmmmm, kids these days... money talks already! Am I setting them up for failure in the big wide world? Nooooooo. They will learn that you have to do dumb things in life (in this case, watch tv) before you get paid. If only they realised now that watching tv is easy!


It's not a competition

I'm tired today. No I really am. I don't care today if you are tired too. Today I want to be tired on my own. But I can't can I? Why is it that as soon as you tell someone you are tired, they have to be 'tired-er'.

I told my husband I was tired today and he said, "So am I." Why does he need to say that?

"No, I didn't ask if YOU were tired."

It's not a competition.

I am not looking to find out whether you are tireder than me. You can have your own day of being tired tomorrow (but will I care then? Maybe not!).

So today, I want to be tired and I am claiming this all to myself. Hope you're all wide awake reading this!

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