Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I eat in secret

I am not a very good sharer. Ask my sister. She has lots of memories of us when we were little where I wouldn't share things. I would make her be the secretary and I would be the boss. I would make her be the student and I would be the teacher. You get the picture. I love her dearly and she knows this hahaha!

BUT, I don't like to share certain things. These days it's food.

I stash secret 'treats' like lollies and chocolate and it would be nothing for me to disappear into the pantry or laundry (or even the bedroom) to have a quick munch. Do I have a mental problem? Maybe I have an underlining psychological issue whereby I console myself with food? No! I just am not a good sharer and I LOVE my treats!

Please tell me I am not alone here...


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Felicity said...

We have a little bar fridge in our ensuite [originally designed to hold bottles of champagne for the spa - hopeful thinking] which has my naughty stash of chocolates. Unfortunately the proof of which is now sitting on my thighs...hmmmm, what to do?

Felicity x

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