Wednesday, February 16, 2011

God luv 'em

My husband likes to a have a beer at the end of the working day...and I will admit I do like the odd alcoholic beverage myself. We don't by any means drink to excess, but just a couple at the end of the day helps to make the nightly routine of bathing, feeding, and the rest just that little bit more 'enjoyable'. You do know what I mean...

But I'm starting to think that after picking my little girl up from daycare today maybe we should become closest drinkers (or another option would be to not drink at all I suppose...). Her Carer informed me that instead of making the other kids cups of tea today she was pouring them cups of beer! On a positive however, at least she wasn't serving them up Sex on the Beach cocktails!


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Felicity said...

YOu've to love 'em!

Kids that is....oh and a little something-something at the end of the day!

Felicity x

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