Monday, February 14, 2011

Wild thang!

I thought this post would be appropriate seeing as it is Valentine's Day...

Rumpy Bumpy, Hanky Panky, a bit of Boom Boom, whatever you want to call it. I have something to say about it and I'm just going to put it out there in Blogging Land...My husband and I have 'devised' a timetable as to when we are going to do the wild thing. U-huh, you heard right...and I know you are thinking it could be a good idea. Well it is!

So let me take you girlfriend and I were talking a few years back about the confusion of going to bed each night never knowing if your husband was going to 'put-the-word-on-you', or if you could just roll over and close your eyes, confidently knowing that you were 'off the hook' (so to speak!) for the night. I know this may sound prudish, but some days you just can't deal with it!

My girlfriend and I came to the conclusion (just jokingly) that if we could devise a plan with our husbands about when were going to do 'it', it would take the guess work out of each night! Hubby was pretty happy with my idea too - he knew he was right for the week (ha!). 

I must admit, our timetable has been somewhat revised over the years, but as crazy as it sounds, has provided for a rock solid more ways than one!

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